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File formats

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ADCIRC File Formats

Input Files Contributor needed

Required: Every ADCIRC run requires the following two input files:

fort.14 file - Grid file: Defines the ADCIRC triangular finite element grid

fort.15 file - Parameter file: Sets runtime parameters, frequency-dependent boundary forcing, and output options

Optional: Depending on simulation forcing configuration and setup:

fort.13 file - Nodal Attribute file: Defines parameters (e.g., Mannings N, canopy cover) that can be set at specific nodes.

fort.22 file - Wind forcing file. The specific format of this file depends on the wind input format. See the NWS parameter in the fort.15 file description.

Needed for coupled SWAN runs:

fort.26 file - SWAN parameter file. - Same format as a traditional SWAN input file, but with "SWAN unstructured grid" commands specific to the coupled ADCIRC+SWAN code.

swaninit file - SWAN init file. This is the same as in a traditional SWAN run.

Output Files Contributor needed