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Fort.15 parameters

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Main Controls

Metadata and Logging

Parameter Type Required? Description Values
RUNDES 32 character string Always Run description Any alpha-numeric
RUNID 24 character string Always Run identification Any alpha-numeric
NFOVER integer Always Non-fatal error override option 0 or 1
NABOUT integer Always Logging level -1, 0, 1, 2, or 3
NSCREEN integer Always Logging output destination -1, 0, or 1

Numerics & Physics

Periodic (Tidal) Body Forcing

Periodic (Tidal) Boundary Elevations

Periodic (Tidal) Boundary Velocities

Model Output

Harmonic Analysis

Hotstart Output and Numeric Controls

For a 2DDI ADCIRC run that does not use netCDF, the file ends here. For any ADCIRC run that uses netCDF, the lines NCPROJ through NCDATE (described in the NetCDF Control section below) are required metadata and must be added at the end of the fort.15 file.

3D Model Run

NetCDF Control

The following lines will be read in only if the NetCDF output or hotstart format is chosen


The following Fortran namelist lines are optional, but if they appear, they must appear at the very end of the fort.15 file.