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Fort.22x.grb2 file

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The fort.22x.grb2 files are meteorological inputs with the GRIB2 filetype. These GRIB2 files are read by ADCIRC through the wgrib2api static library. The API automatically generates an inventory of the GRIB2 file at the beginning of simulation to determine variable and valid datetime information in the files. The user does not need to do anything other than provide the correct filenames with valid GRIB2 variable names.


Contains the surface pressure/sea level pressure data. Valid GRIB2 variable names for this attribute are:

  • :PRMSL:mean sea level: or
  • :MSLET:mean sea level: or
  • :PRES:surface:

The mean sea level pressure, MSLET, is known to be a better choice than its counterpart, PRMSL, in the GFS model [1]. In comparison, the CFSv2 model does not provide MSLET, thus PRMSL should be used. PRES:surface (surface pressure) should be equivalent to PRMSL/MSLET over the ocean and in general can be used. However, problems could arise at the land/ocean interface when there is a significant discrepancy between the ocean/land mask in ADCIRC and the meteorological model due to resolution differences.


Contains the wind velocity at 10-m height data. Valid GRIB2 variable names for this attribute are:

  • :UGRD:10 m above ground: and
  • :VGRD:10 m above ground:

fort.225.grb2 [optional]

Contains the ice concentration as an area fraction. Valid GRIB2 variable names for this attribute are:

  • :ICEC:surface: