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Global Minimum and Maximum Files

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These input/output files (maxele.63, maxvel.63, maxwvel.63, maxrs.63, minpr.63) were developed to resolve issues where only the most extreme values at each node in the domain were required, e.g., peak water levels throughout the domain. The use of time varying full domain output for this purpose would produce files that are too large, while station files would not cover the entire domain. Furthermore, some peak values last for only a very short time, and therefore the sampling resolution must be very high to capture true peaks at each node.

As a result, ADCIRC collects extreme values at every time step for water surface elevation (maxele.63), water velocity (maxvel.63), wind velocity (maxwvel.63), wave radiation stress (maxrs.63, if available), and barometric pressure (minpr.63). The files are then written out after the last time step of the simulation is complete.

One issue with recording extreme values in this way is the use of hotstart files to restart a simulation. In order to capture the extreme values prior to the hotstart time, an ADCIRC simulation will attempt to load each of these extreme values files from the run directory at the start of the run. If it finds them, it will use them in its recording of extreme values throughout the hotstarted run; the extreme values files it writes out will then take into account the values that were recorder prior to the hotstart time.

In ADCIRC versions starting with version 51, these files contain two full domain data sets: the first contains the extreme value at each node, while the second contains time (in seconds since cold start) that the extreme value occurred at each node. In previous ADCIRC versions, only the first data set appears in the file.

File Format

See Global minumum and maximum file format, for details.