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Idealized Channel Problem

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This example tests ADCIRC version 55 (and beyond). It tests the simulation of a diurnal tide on a sloping beach with a channel along its centerline (adapted from[1]). The test finishes in about 8 minutes in parallel ADCIRC (2 processors) for 6 hours of simulation. Find the test at the GitHub test suite.


The mesh is comprised of 64,415 vertices and 127,784 triangular elements, with resolution in the 10-60 m range. The mesh is symmetrical in the east-west direction so that the east and west lateral boundary vertices match for the application of the periodic lateral boundary conditions. An elevation specified boundary condition and generating-absorbing sponge layer is prescribed at the southern end of the domain.

Options/Features Tested


  1. Roberts, K.J., Dietrich, J.C., Wirasaet, D., Pringle, W.J., Westerink, J.J., 2020. Dynamic Load Balancing for Predictions of Storm Surge and Coastal Flooding. In Preparation, pp.37.