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For general information, see the ADCIRC site, ADCIRC FAQ, or the ADCIRC Wikipedia page. For model documentation not yet available on the wiki, see the ADCIRC site. New content is being continuously added to the ADCIRCWiki, and material from the main ADCIRC site will be gradually transitioned over to the wiki.

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Hey there. For editors and administrators, links to some general wiki information are provided toward the bottom of this page, while more specific editing help can be found at the "Help" link on the sidebar of this page. Have fun, and welcome to the party!

Getting Started with Running ADCIRC in Linux/Unix

As with most useful and complex models, just getting started is the main initial barrier. This section of the wiki describes the most basic scenario of running ADCIRC, using a simple test case as an example. If the user is running ADCIRC through the SMS application, please see the SMS documentation on running ADCIRC within SMS. This wiki does not cover that usage.

Initially, we will describe getting ADCIRC running on a simple test case in "serial" mode, meaning that only one cpu is used. Running ADCIRC in parallel mode is moderately more complex and will be described separately.

This section provides details on the following topics, with the serial, quarter annulus case as a working example. Compiling the code for serial execution, the basic input/output files for ADCIRC, and what to do with the output. Overviews of the main input and output files are also described.

This section assumes several things. The user ...

  • knows ADCIRC is a finite element model, with linear triangular elements
  • has access to a computer on which to run ADCIRC
  • is familiar with working on computers via the "command line" (i.e., not clicking around with the mouse as in Windoze)
  • has the source code (which is not freely available)

Compiling ADCIRC

If you are working on a cluster maintained as a research and applications resource, then the chances are high that a Fortran compiler exists on that machine.

The test case is the so-called serial quarter annular problem. The ADCIRC grid

The ADCIRC model is written in Fortran (the best language eva') and thus needs to be compiled into executable code for the specific computer.

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