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Revision as of 19:10, 15 February 2019 by Taylorgasher (talk | contribs) (Need to add this info to page)
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Notes from code dive

I dug through the code, came up with some inner workings that aren't documented. The following info needs to be added:

  • spatially-averaging is done to tau0 in: SUBROUTINE CalculateTimeVaryingTau0(TK, NNeigh, NeiTab, NP)
    • I see Casey's fingerprints
    • tau0=-3, -5, -6, -7: looks to average tau0 across all immediate (?) nodal neighbors
  • Rick said tau0=-5 is ineffective
  • tau0=-3: the actual tau0 is capped at 0.2
  • tau0=-6 is a time-averaging:

C jgf47.33 Perform time averaging of tau0 if requested.

     IF (TimeAveragedTau0) THEN
        DO I=1, NP
           TAU0VAR(I) = 0.5d0*TAU0VAR(I) + 0.5d0*LastTau0(I)
           LastTau0(I) = TAU0VAR(I)

  • tau0=-7 is a different time-averaging:

C jgf48.42 Perform backloaded time averaging of tau0 if requested.

     IF (BackLoadedTimeAveragedTau0) THEN
        DO I=1, NP
           TAU0VAR(I) = AlphaTau0*TAU0VAR(I)
    &                 + (1.d0-AlphaTau0)*LastTau0(I)
           LastTau0(I) = TAU0VAR(I)
  • AlphaTau0 is hard-coded to 0.25, so 75% last tau0, 25% current one

T$Taylorgasher (talk) 00:10, 16 February 2019 (UTC)