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This was inspired by [https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Template:MW_version a much more advanced template on MediaWiki].   
This was inspired by [https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Template:MW_version a much more advanced template on MediaWiki].   

For instance,  
Here are some examples,  
{| class="wikitable"
{| class="wikitable"
!you type
!you get
| <code><nowiki>{{ADC version|version=52}}</nowiki></code> || {{ADC version|version=52}}
  | <code><nowiki>{{ADC version|version=52|relation=>}}</nowiki></code> || {{ADC version|version=52|relation=>}}
  | <code><nowiki>{{ADC version|version=52|relation=>}}</nowiki></code> || {{ADC version|version=52|relation=>}}
  | <code><nowiki>{{ADC version|version=-6|relation=le}}</nowiki></code> || {{ADC version|version=-6|relation=le}}
  | <code><nowiki>{{ADC version|version=52|relation=-}}</nowiki></code> || {{ADC version|version=52|relation=-}}
  | <code><nowiki>{{ADC version|version=52|relation=gt}}</nowiki></code> || {{ADC version|version=52|relation=gt}}
  | <code><nowiki>{{ADC version|version=52|relation=+}}</nowiki></code> || {{ADC version|version=52|relation=+}}
  | <code><nowiki>{{ADC version|version=52}}</nowiki></code> || {{ADC version|version=52}}
  | <code><nowiki>{{ADC version|version=53|relation=le}}</nowiki></code> || {{ADC version|version=53|relation=le}}
  | <code><nowiki>{{ADC version|version=50|relation=-}}</nowiki></code> || {{ADC version|version=50|relation=-}}
  | <code><nowiki>{{ADC version|version=a long, long time ago|relation=+}}</nowiki></code> || {{ADC version|version=a long, long time ago|relation=+}}
|lang={{lang code}}
|msg-mw-version=<translate><!--T:1--> MediaWiki version{{<tvar|1>#if:{{{version2|}}}</>|s}}:</translate>
|msg-latest-tooltip=<translate><!--T:2--> The latest stable version is <tvar|1>{{MW stable branch number}}</></translate>
|gerrit change={{{gerrit change|}}}
{| style="border: 1px solid #888888; float: right; font-size: 80%; margin: 0 0 .5em .5em; line-height: 1.2; text-align: right; border-collapse: collapse;"
{{#if: {{{compact|}}} ||{{!}} style="padding: .1em .3em;" {{!}} {{{msg-mw-version}}} }}
| {{#switch: {{{comment|}}}
|and after|and later|+=
  title="{{{msg-latest-tooltip}}}" style="border-color: #{{MW version/color}};
  title="MediaWiki {{{version2|{{{version|X.XX}}}}}} is {{MW version/status|{{#if:{{{version2|}}}|{{{version2}}}|{{{version|X.XX}}}}}}} version" style="border-color: #{{MW version/color|{{{version|}}}}}; {{#if:{{{version2|}}} | border-color: #{{MW version/color|{{{version2|}}}}}; border-bottom-color: #{{MW version/color|{{{version|}}}}};}}
}} border-width: 5px; border-style: {{#switch: {{MW version/status|{{{version|}}}}} |alpha = dotted |#default =  solid }}; text-align: center; padding: .1em .3em;" | <abbr style="font-weight: bold; font-size: 180%;">{{#switch: {{{comment|}}}
|and before|and earlier|-=<small>&le;</small>
|and after|and later|+=<small>&ge;</small>
}} {{#if: {{{version|}}} | {{{version}}} | X.X }}{{#if: {{{version2|}}} | &#32;&ndash; {{{version2}}} }}</abbr>{{#if: {{{r|}}} |
<br><small>{{Rev|{{{r}}}}}</small>}}{{#if: {{{gerrit change|}}} |
<br><small>{{Gerrit search|{{{gerrit change}}}}}</small>}}
{{#switch: {{{comment|}}}
|and before|and after|and earlier|and later|+|=
|#default=<nowiki /><span style="display: none;">[[Template:MW version/list1]]</span>
{{!}} style="padding: .1em .3em;" {{!}} {{{comment}}}

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ADCIRC version: {{{version}}}

This was inspired by a much more advanced template on MediaWiki.

Here are some examples,

you type you get
{{ADC version|version=52}}
ADCIRC version: 52
{{ADC version|version=52|relation=>}}
ADCIRC version: > 52
{{ADC version|version=52|relation=gt}}
ADCIRC version: > 52
{{ADC version|version=53|relation=le}}
ADCIRC version: 53
{{ADC version|version=50|relation=-}}
ADCIRC version: 50
{{ADC version|version=a long, long time ago|relation=+}}
ADCIRC version: a long, long time ago