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For general information, see the ADCIRC site, ADCIRC FAQ, or the ADCIRC Wikipedia page. For model documentation not yet available on the wiki, see the ADCIRC site. New content is being continuously added to the ADCIRCWiki, and material from the main ADCIRC site will be gradually transitioned over to the wiki.


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Troubleshooting comprises a wide range of potential ADCIRC-related issues. Compiling the source code can lead to many complications from either the ADCIRC source code or, more often, the underlying computer architecture or software libraries of the computer being used. When running the model, issues may arise with input files, model instabilities, and (again) systems underlying the computer being used.

This page serves as a place to aggregate common problems and solutions. The ADCIRC FAQ holds several useful troubleshooting items. For issues not covered here, the ADCIRC listserv is a great place to ask productive questions. Contact Crystal Fulcher <cfulcher@email.unc.edu> to join.