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Version information

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This page holds information about how ADCIRC versioning is tracked and may serve as a list of major updates to the model. Currently, ADCIRC uses git for version control and is hosted on a private GitHub repository.

Version Tracking

A file called “changelog” is automatically constructed by the script “generateChangelog.sh” in the scripts directory. The full commit messages are automatically generated in there. Git commit messages are split into two sections, a subject and a body (sort of like when people used to do patch type versioning by email). The changelog file prints the user, subject, commitid, date, etc in the top of the file in a table, then below it has the full details the user supplies. There is also an option to generate the full log since the beginning of time. The default is since the last time the code was tagged. The changelog is automatically generated from the beginning of time when the exportAdcirc.sh script is run and it is included in the package. Version.F is also generated here with unique information about the state of the repository when the code was exported. The idea here is someone can help us uniquely identify what version of the code they have and git will corroborate their description. This is particularly useful when someone who can't or won't work in a versioned environment sends code to merge in.

Major Model Updates

Version 53

  • Patch B of SWAN version 41.01 (i.e. version 41.01B) was merged into ADCIRC.