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YYYY MM DD HH24 StormNumber BLAdj

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YYYY MM DD HH24 StormNumber BLAdj is an input in the fort.15 file associated with the parametric vortex meteorological forcing input type (NWS = 8).

Parameter Summary

Entry Description
YYYY 4 integer year of the cold-start datetime
MM 2 integer month of the cold-start datetime
DD 2 integer day of the cold-start datetime
HH24 2 integer 24-hour time of the cold-start datetime
StormNumber Storm number of forecast ensemble. Usually just set equal to 1.
BLAdj Boundary layer adjustment factor between wind speed at 10-m and the wind speed at the top of the atmospheric boundary layer (winds at top of atm. b.l.) = (winds at 10-m)/BLAdj. A reasonable range is 0.7 to 0.9.