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Everdried.63 file

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The dry node flagging file (everdried.63) file was created to support harmonic analysis by flagging all nodes that had ever become dry during the course of a simulation. These data are useful to harmonic analysis because a node that goes dry for a single time step has a -99999 recorded for its water surface elevation, which contaminates the harmonic analysis solution.

The writing of the everdried.63 output file is activated when the inundationOutput parameter is set to .true. in the optional inundationOutputContol namelist at the bottom of the fort.15 file.

The file contains two data sets. The first dataset provides information about the wet/dry state, where a node is given a value of -99999.0 if it ever went dry during the simulation, and a value of 1.0 if it was wet for the entire simulation. The second data set lists the total time in seconds that a node was dry during the simulation (0.0 if it was always wet).

File Format

See everdried.63 file format for details.