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Fort.23 file format

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The basic file structure is shown below. Each line of input data is represented by a line containing the input variable name(s) in bold face type. Blank lines are only to enhance readability.



At least two datasets must be present in the file to allow for time interpolation. If only one dataset is present, the run will terminate with an unexpected end-of-file error

Radiation stresses are input directly to a subset of nodes in the ADCIRC grid (as specified by the node number JN).

If ADCIRC is cold started, the first set of radiation stress data corresponds to TIME=STATIM. If ADCIRC is hot started, the first set of radiation stress data corresponds to TIME=HOT START TIME. Additional sets of radiation stress data must be provided every RSTIMINC, where RSTIMINC is the radiation stress time interval and is specified in the Model Parameter and Periodic Boundary Condition File. Radiation stresses are interpolated in time to the ADCIRC time step.

Each data line must have the format I8, 2E13.5.Data input lines are repeated for as many nodes as desired. A line containing the # symbol in column 2 indicates radiation stress data at the next time increment begins on the following line. At each new time, any node that is not specified in the input file is assumed to have zero wave radiation stress.

Wave radiation stress must be input in units of velocity squared (consistent with the units of gravity). Stress in these units is obtained by dividing stress in units of force/area by the reference density of water.

Data must be provided for the entire model run, otherwise the run will crash.