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Inundationtime.63 file

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The inundationtime.63 file records the total time that an initially dry area is inundated beyond a certain inundation threshold depth specified in the fort.15 file in the inundationOutputControl namelist by the parameter inunThresh.

The writing of the inundationtime.63 output file is activated when the inundationOutput parameter is set to .true. in the optional inundationOutputContol namelist at the bottom of the fort.15 file.

The file contains two datasets. The first dataset records the total accumulated time in seconds that a node was inundated beyond the threshold. Periods of inundation are counted toward the total time, even if they are not contiguous. The second dataset records the time of onset of inundation beyond the threshold in seconds since cold start. The time of onset data are useful in the context of real time model guidance for decision making.

File Format

See inundationtime.63 file format for details.